Imperial IPA Beer Jelly

Two sizes available:  125ml and 250ml

Bright, hoppy, fruity... This distinctly flavor beer jelly is made from one of the most acclaimed Ontario craft beers - Black Oak 10 Bitter Years Imperial Indian Pale Ale.  

This jelly has a wonderful hoppy beery taste. It will brings out nicely the flavors of artisan cheeses that have some character.

Pair this jelly with Ontario cheeses like Age Lancaster, Goat Gouda or Celtic Blue cheese from Glengarry, Cows Cheddar from Monforte or Handeck cheese from Gunn's Hill. 

Ingredients: Black Oak 10 Bitter Years Imperial IPA beer, organic cane sugar (also eco-socially responsible), citrus pectin and fresh lemon juice

Allergy info: contains gluten

This beer jelly is low in sugar (36% less sugar than the regular booze jelly recipe). This is a savory product, the distinctive taste comes from the local craft beer we have specifically selected.

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