Are you looking for something different? Would you like to share with your clients, guests, relatives or best friends your favorite local craft beer as a delicious treat?

We can offer you the ‘beer you can eat’ - something unique and delicious that can titillate the taste buds of everybody, as well as please the foodies.

Our custom-made favors and corporate gifts are available in 2 bomboniere-sized packages: 60 ml and 125 ml, which are the perfect amounts for events, swag bags and thank-you gifts.

Celebrate the diversity and opulence of locally produced craft beers, and spread your love and good vibes with our crowd-pleasing beer jellies.

Choose among our different flavors or ask us to personalize your gift by using a specific beer, a beer that you really enjoy or means a lot to you.  The sky has no limits if the beer is available locally! 

Choose among our custom-made labels, choice of ribbons and fabrics, or work with our graphic designer to create something more unique and personal. We will work closely with you to ensure your selected products, ribbons, and colours are a true reflection of your personalities and your carefully co-ordinated theme. We'll create a tag with your message and a bucolic but sophisticate and elegant packaging for your jars, and we will email proof and pictures beforehand for you to review.

We produce only small batches and hand pour our beer jellies, so please allow 3-6 weeks’ notice (depending of the size of the order) to produce and ship. Free delivery in downtown Toronto!  

Please contact us by email to discuss your needs for your special event.

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