Imperial IPA Glazed Peanuts

One size available: 125 grams

These gourmet candied peanuts are the perfect snack for everybody who loves peanuts. They have a sweet coating balanced nicely by the malty and hoppy flavors from the Black Oak 10 Bitter Years Imperial IPA and finished by the roasted peanut flavor and the floral, citrus and herbal fragrances of the various hops we use in our recipe. For the "beer aficionados", this is the perfect snack that pairs so well with a good craft beer.

Ingredients: Ontario redskin Valencia peanuts, Black Oak 10 Bitter Years Imperial IPA beer, Organic cane sugar (also eco-socially responsible), Hops infused sea salt, and Ground hops

Allergy info: Peanuts and Gluten

These candied peanuts are made using local Ontario peanuts and eco-socially responsible sugar. They contain less sugar than the regular candied peanuts (- 45%). The delectable taste of these nuts comes from the main ingredients we have specifically selected.    

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