American Pale Ale Beer Jelly

Two sizes available: 125ml or 250ml

We use the locally brewed Black Oak Pale Ale to make this popular flavor beer jelly.  

This jam has a mildly beery taste. It will brings out nicely the flavors of artisan cheeses that have also a mild character. It is a quite amazing alchemy!

Pair this jelly with The Clandestin, a cheese from Quebec, or Ontario cheeses like the Goat Gouda from Glengarry, the Cows Cheddar, Sheep Mozzarella or Pecorino Fresco from Monforte as well as the 5 Brothers cheese or the brie from Gunn's Hill. 

Ingredients: Black Oak Pale Ale beer, organic cane sugar (also eco-socially responsible), citrus pectin and fresh lemon juice

Allergy info: contains gluten

This beer jelly is low in sugar (36% less sugar than the regular booze jelly recipe). This is a savory product, the distinctive taste comes only from the local craft beer we have specifically selected.

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